• A Note on Our Selection Process

    Accepting students to study at OCSA is never an easy task. Each year we receive an amazing number of applications from many talented students while we continue to have only a limited number of openings for new students. We closely consider many factors regarding the individual student before a student is accepted. OCSA staff members are well represented in the selection process for admitting students to attend OCSA.

    Staff members, including core classroom teachers, guidance, and specialist staff, assist in reviewing and rating student writing samples and interviews and current OCSA students are also involved and rate interviews. Our professionally trained arts teachers conduct the auditions and determine a rating.

    All of this information is taken into consideration along with student grades, test scores, behavior record, and attendance history in making the final evaluation to decide to invite students to join us at OCSA. There is usually no one factor that excludes a student from consideration; we are attempting to look at the entire student (looking at all the above information) to determine if they possess what we believe it takes to be successful at OCSA.

    In recent years we have experienced an increase in applications while we have continued to invite about the same number of students to join us. We at OCSA take this selection task very seriously and our decisions are based on our best professional judgment.

    If you contact our office to seek information about the selection process we will share with you the information provided above. Please note that we do not release individual student information or rating scores. Thank you.

    Applying to Two Art Programs

    Students may apply for up to two art programs, nonetheless they will be allowed to audition for ONE ARTS program as their Primary choice. Only upon not being selected into their Primary ARTS Program choice will a second audition be scheduled by OCSA for the student's Secondary ARTS Program Choice to be held on the designated audition day.