Bright Futures Scholarship Requirement

  • High school students pursuing the Bright Futures Scholarship must complete a minimum of 75 hours of community service before high school graduation. Please click here  for current requirements to earn either the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS) or the Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS).

    Starting July 2022, Bright Futures will accept paid work hours in lieu of community service hours. Please read the first two pages of the community service packet to understand how to meet the requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship.  

Community Service Packet

Community Service Instructions

  • Source: Guidance Services / Community Service Guidelines ( 

    Step 1. Contact the agency, company, organization or business of interest and develop a plan of action.

    Step 2. Complete the Bright Futures Community Service/Paid Work Proposal Form after developing a plan of action making certain to include all necessary signatures. 

    Step 3. Submit the BFS Community Service/Paid Work Proposal Form to your High School Counselor for signature of approval.

    * If you are completing the BFS Community Service form over summer break, you can email your form to your high school counselor, and they will email you back with approval. 

    Step 4. Log the community service/paid work hours on the included log form. The agency, company, organization or business contact person or supervisor must sign this documentation after each logged entry. 

    Step 5. Submit the completed Community Service/Paid Work Hours Log along with a written reflection to the High School Counselor.

    Step 6. The community service and/or paid work hours will be documented on the student’s official high school transcript and all documentation will be filed by the school counselor.

    Step 7. It is suggested students keep copies of completed Community Service/Paid Work Hours Logs for their own records. Students should also update their resume to reflect service hours.

Last Modified on January 31, 2024