• Student Resources



    Broken Laptop Policy

    "Any repairs on a damaged laptop must be paid for by the student assigned to / responsible for the device, even if someone else accidentally damages it.
    Please leave your laptops in the case at all times in order to ensure its protection.


    Student Parking

    • Osceola School for the Arts allows students with a valid Florida Drivers License to park on campus during the school year.
    • Students must complete the Student Parking Permit Application and provide all of the required documents to complete the process.
    • Student Parking Fee: $27 and can only be paid through MySchoolBucks.
    • Student Parking Checklist:
      1. Complete Student Parking Permit Application
      2. Copy of valid Florida Drivers License
      3. Copy of valid vehicle registration
      4. Copy of valid automotive insurance
      5. $27.00
    • Student Parking Permits are processed in the Attendance Office.