Schedule Change Request Procedures for the 24-25 School Year High School Only

  • **Schedules will be viewable on Focus starting July 22.** 


    Start Here: Determine if your request will be considered. 


    Step 2: Review your appointment date. Please choose the date corresponding to your grade level.

    NOTE: Appointment slots will open the day before. For example, if you are a 9th grader wanting to schedule an appointment for the 30th, it will open on the 29th. 

    • July 22, 2024: Schedules will be available on Focus. 
    • July 24, 2024: 12th graders only
    • July 25, 2024: 11th graders only
    • July 29, 2024: 10th graders only
    • July 30, 2024: 9th graders only
    • July 31, 2024: 9th-12th graders
    • August 1, 2024: 9th-12th graders 

    Step 3: Schedule your appointment using this link.

    • Appointment slots for each day will open the day before the appointment date.  
    • Make sure you choose the appropriate school counselor based on your major.
    • Please choose the appointment type (in-person or phone) that works for you. 
    • Read through all the questions carefully before booking your appointment. 
    • Please email your counselor if you need to cancel or change your appointment type. 

    Step 4: Attend your appointment.

    • Plan to arrive 5–10 minutes early if you choose the in-person appointment option.
    • If you request a phone appointment, your counselor will call you from the school number. Please be ready to take the call.
    • Your appointment time is 15 minutes max, so please be prepared. 
    • No further requests will be accepted after your appointment. 


    Q and A

    Q: What about middle school schedules?

    • A: Middle school art area classes are determined by the respective art area teachers. Academics are determined through standardized test scores such as the FAST PM3, NWEA, and STAR from previous school years. If your child was not scheduled for the correct art class based on their major, or if you have questions about their academic classes, please reach out to Ms. Dolhon at

    Q: I'm missing a period in my schedule, or I have multiple classes in one period. What do I do?

    • A: If you are viewing your schedule on Focus and you notice this issue, please come pick up your schedule on the Meet the Teacher night on August 7th from 3:30-5:30pm. Your counselor will be available that day to review your schedule.  

    Q: I missed the schedule change appointment window/ I wasn't able to schedule an appointment.

    • A: A request form will be available from August 1- August 4. The form will be available here starting August 1st at 4pm. Once you fill out the form, your counselor will call you between 9am-4pm after August 4th to discuss your schedule change request. We will not accept any requests after August 4.