Summer Zero

    Summer Zero at NeoCity Academy refers to the summer prior to your freshman year at NeoCity Academy.  We use this time as an opportunity for some students to complete some required academic coursework prior to day 1 on campus in the fall.  Please see below for more details.



    The ultimate (math) goal for every student at NeoCity Academy is to leave here with a passing AP Calculus math score.  We have had many conversations with many different universities about what they are looking for with regards to mathematics and one thing has been consistent -- Calculus.  We want to ensure that each student who starts here is math-ready on day 1.  To do this, students will complete a math placement exam in the spring prior to their freshman admission.  Results from this exam will help us determine where students need help in one of 17 different mathematical topics.  Students will then spend the summer working through modules in our self-paced Journey to Calculus math course. 



    Part of the high school graduation requirements for all students in the state of Florida is gaining credit for Biology.  For many students, this coursework is completed in their middle school during their 7th or 8th grade year (so if you have already completed this, that's great!)  For other students, however, this coursework will need to be completed via one of two ways:

    • For students in the Engineering and Cybersecurity pathway, this is done via taking Biology 1 Honors online through Osceola Virtual School or Florida Virtual School during Summer Zero. 
    • For students in the BioDesign pathway, you may also choose to take Biology 1 Honors online; however, you also have the option to earn this graduation requirement credit via AP Biology in your sophomore year.  

    If you need to sign-up to take Biology 1 Honors online in Summer Zero (or if you're not sure and just want to check), please email Mr. Blancett at kendall.blancett@osceolaschools.net and he will help facilitate this process with you.



     1 Credit PE needed for graduation*

    Option One:
    Complete both segments of the class HOPE through Osceola Virtual School (Health Options for PE).

    Option Two:
    Complete Personal Fitness + one PE elective such as Outdoor Education through Osceola Virtual School. Through Outdoor Education, students can earn their Florida Boater and Hunter safety licenses.

    *Students playing two seasons of the same high school sport are waived from this requirement. Marching band students only need to complete Personal Fitness.


    Community Service

    Community service is a great way to get involved with your community.  Although it is not a graduation requirement, community service is needed for some scholarships. We are looking for at least 100 hours before you graduate.  The Class of 2027 can start accumulating hours after July 1st.

    For more information check out our Community Service page.