Late applicants may apply starting Feb 19. 

    Choosing a high school is a big decision, but we're thrilled you're considering NeoCity Academy. Here's how to submit your application for admission to NeoCity Academy. We are currently accepting 9th and 10th grades.

    Please Note: For the 2024-25 school year, Algebra 1 is required for admission.


    Applications will not be considered complete until steps 1-5 are complete.

    1. Submit CHOICE application. The application instructions are found here. Current SDOC students instructions here.

    2. Submit a Letter of Recommendation (form here). Please note: we will only look at one teacher recommendation per student. Please pick a teacher you believe would be the best to talk about your drive, determination and grit. Once the teacher fills out the form, they should submit the form here (Please use the student's name when uploading). If the link isn't working please send to neocityadmissions@osceolaschools.net 

    3. Upload a One-Way Interview Students record a one-minute video of themselves answering the prompt:

    "At NeoCity Academy, an inquiry-driven, project-based STEM magnet, we develop students who believe the world can be a better place and that they can be the ones to make it happen. Why do you want to come to NeoCity?"   PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAY YOUR NAME IN THE VIDEO.

    Videos should be uploaded here. 

    4. ONLY FOR NON-SDOC Students:  (download the student records release form to give to your current school). School records from the past two years, as well as standardized test results from the past two years are preferred, if available. They can be sent via mail or uploaded here. (Please make sure to upload using your student's name)

    5. You will be contacted for a Collaborative Team Activity time if room permits and you are qualified in steps 1-4. (Deadline has passed). Students will come to NeoCity during this time and participate in a collaborative activity we find beneficial for our application process. Students without FAST/FSA scores from last year will also take a placement exam. 

    If the link isn't working please send to neocityadmissions@osceolaschools.net 

    Our application deadlines for 2024-25 are as follows:

    • Early Admission Deadline - December 6, 2023, application steps 2-5 complete by Dec 13.
    • Regular Admission Deadline - January 19, 2023, application steps 2-5 complete by Jan 24.

    After the application deadlines, NeoCity Academy continues to review applications on a rolling basis until enrollment is full. We encourage students to submit the application for admission as soon as possible for best consideration.

    6. Check the mail. Admission decisions will be mailed mid-January for Early Admissions and early-February for Regular Admissions.



    The Collaborative Team Activity is an opportunity for prospective students to participate in an activity that replicates common approaches to learning at NeoCity. This not only allows us to get to know your student, but for your student to see out inquiry-based approach. These sessions are 60-minutes and will be held in small groups.

    Image showing campus preview dates of October 24th and December 7th from 5:30 to 6:30