Welcome to NeoCity Academy. As we welcome the fifth cohort of Knights to campus this fall, I am reminded of how important the work that we do on this campus is in redefining what school looks like in the 21st Century.

    NeoCity Academy is a true partnership between the School District of Osceola County and our NeoCity Community. Together, we provide an unmatched educational experience for students as we prepare them to be contributing 21st Century citizens. We do this by holding each other accountable to achieve the goals that we have set forth for the education of our students.

    I want to acknowledge the choice you have made to help us grow a school that we know offers a unique, transformative and powerful education for Osceola County students.

    The families of NeoCity Academy come from all over our county and from many different schools. At NeoCity Academy we embark on a journey to bring together a diverse group of students, families, and teachers to become one of the strongest communities of learners in the country.



    Michael Meechin, Principal
    NeoCity Academy