Student choice and voice, which we call agency, is a key tenet of our purpose as a school. We maximize student agency through two periods of time built into our schedule four days a week. 

    Research meets most Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the school year. Flex occurs on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays - with Advisory filling this time slot on Tuesdays.

    Flex and Research are built to provide student autonomy in their learning. Students will learn the skills to manage their time effectively to focus on academic work or work that they are passionate about. Students will have access to most parts of our campus and also to their teachers during these times.



    Students can use Flex to complete any tasks that they would like to focus on. This includes work that is not directly related to our curriculum. For example, if a student wants to work on a 3D model and print in the MakerLab - somthing that they are interested in - then can. If a student wants to read a book for pleasure - they can.


    Research differs from Flex in that student work must have an academic focus tied to their current schedule and coursework.

    Due to the academic focus on their work, we award a .5 credit for their time in Research over the course of the school year.