• HHS Information

    Bell Schedule 2020-2021

    M, T, Th, F

    1st Period     7:20 – 8:07

    2nd Period    8:12-8:58

    3rd Period     9:03-9:49

    STEER          9:54-10:19

    4th Period     10:24-11:12

    A Lunch        11:17-11:47

    5th (B)          11:17-12:03

    5th (A)          11:52-12:38

    B Lunch        12:08-12:38

    6th Period     12:43-1:29

    7th Period     1:34-2:20

    Early Release Bell Schedule


    1st Period      7:20-8:03

    2nd Period     8:08-8:50

    3rd Period      8:55-9:37

    4th Period      9:42-10:24

    A Lunch         10:29-10:59

    5th (B)           10:29-11:11

    5th (A)           11:04-11:46

    B Lunch         11:16-11:46

    6th Period       11:51-12:33

    7th Period       12:38-1:20


    Dress Code    
    SAC Info
    Academic Boosters
    Vet Services
    School Improvement Plan

    Attendance Awareness

    Please read this information about the importance of your student attending school.
    2019-2020 School Calendar

    Parking and Senior Lunch Passes

    To purchase a parking pass you must bring your driver's license, registration, insurance card and the form signed by a parent/guardian. The parking permit form. The cost for a regular pass is $30.00, and for a senior spot it is $40.00. You may pay by cash or check. If you pay by check please have the check made payable to Harmony High School with the driver's license number of the check signer on the check. 

    Volunteering at HHS

    Oasis volunteers must sign up every year by July 1.  to access the volunteer web site. Contact Debbie Bowser (receptionist) at HHS to view the PowerPoint required by the district to approve your application.


Contact Us

  • Guidance: 407-933-9917
    Athletic Office: 407-933-9919
    Bookkeeper: 407-933-9906
    ESE Office: 407-933-9909
    Main Office: 407-933-9901