Standards Based Grading at NeoCity Academy

  • Standards Based Grading is used at NeoCity Academy as a way to help students see the correlation between the expected outcomes and the work products they are creating. It keeps in mind that learning is a process and, like any process, needs opportunities to engage it with repeatedly, always trying to get better. At NeoCity Academy, standards based grading allows us to do this. A grade is never final the first attempt. The score on the proficiency scale below is where a student is at in the moment (and they may not be proficient the first time). We understand that learning is a process and so we use reassessments to help students move back to proficient, through working alongside a teacher and revising the content gaps in their original submission. This process is further detailed in the Standards Based Grading Handbook at the bottom of this page.

Proficiency Scale at NeoCity Academy
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