At NeoCity Academy, the originality of student work is essential to the inquiry learning process. Therefore, a violation of Academic Integrity is considered a major violation of our school's culture.

    The School District of Osceola County Code of Student Conduct describes Academic Integrity as:

    The act of inappropriately and deliberately distributing or using information, notes, materials, or work of another person in the completion of an academic exam, test, or assignment. Not telling the truth. (Code: Cheating CHT/Dishonesty DIS)

    The Code of Conduct allows for a variety of consquences based on the nature of the Academic Integrity.



    NeoCity Academy has a student-led Academic Integrity Committee, composed of five students.

    When there is an Academic Integrity violation on campus, the offending students may choose to appear before the Academic Integrity Committee in lieu of traditional discipline. When appearing before the committee the student will explain the offense and what they have learned from the experience. The Academic Integrity Committee will then choose from several Restorative Practices as a consequence.


    • Formal Written Apology to Teacher
    • Formal Written Essay Explaining Learning From Experience
    • Re-Assess on Outcome w. a Different Assessment of Teacher's Choosing