• Request a Transcript: Previous Students  

    Graduates of Tohopekaliga can request official transcripts from the Guidance office during normal business hours using the following two ways:  

    • Call the school office at 407-483-3685 and ask to speak to the guidance secretary or the college & career counselor to your request official high school transcripts.  


    • You can email the college & career counselor requesting your official high school transcript be sent postal mail or email. Be sure to include in your email your full first and last name, the year you graduated, date of birth, or your previous high school ID#, and the email address you need your transcripts sent to. You will need to be sure your college, university, technical program, or employer will accept official transcripts via email. To find the email address of the current college & career counselor, use this link: https://www.osceolaschools.net/domain/1271.  

    Request a Transcript: Current Students  

    Once a student has begun to track a college application in Xello, they have the option to request their Transcript be sent to the institution of their choice. 

    How students request their transcript be sent to an institution: 

    • From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning
    • Under College Applications, they select the institution to which they’d like their transcript sent. 
    • Under the Application Checklist they find Transcript
    • To the right, they click Request. A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent. 

    Common App Transcript Request: Current Students  

    When applying to a college or program using Common App, you will need to first link your Common App account to your Xello account and assign your counselor to complete the Counselor Forms.  Counselor forms include your high school transcript, counselor recommendation, student profile, and Common App fee waiver (if eligible). Once you request counselor forms for Common App, you do not need to request another transcript to be sent. 

    How students request Counselor Forms for Common App colleges: 

    • From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning
    • They click View My Applications to see the full list of colleges they’re tracking. 
    • They click on a college with the Common App logo to open a brief profile of that college. 
    • Next to Counselor Forms, they click Assign Counselor to open the list of counselors at their school. 
    • They choose their counselor and click Select
    • They have the option to deselect and Remove that counselor to select another. 
    • The student clicks Send and is returned to the college page. 
    • A banner at the top of the page indicates success. 

    Completing the Self-Reported Student Academic Record (SSAR) 

    Your college or university may require you to complete the SSAR, which stands for the Self-reported Student Academic Record.  This is to be completed by the student using a copy of your high school transcript. The SSAR allows you to enter, track, and submit your high school credits, dual enrollment courses, AP courses, and IB courses.  

    You will need to keep track of when your SSAR is due! 

    Click on the following link to create your SSAR account: https://ssar.selfreportedtranscript.com/login.aspx.  

    Use the link below for SSAR FAQs to help you complete your SSAR: