Guidance Counselor Contact Info and Appointment Scheduler

  • Students are assigned Guidance Counselors by their last name.  If you need to schedule a face-to-face appoinment or send your counselor an email, you can find their contact information here.

  • A - C

    Mr. Abisai Soto, MS
    Ext. 60308
    Schedule an appointment:

    D - J

    Mrs. Annette Aponte, MA
    Ext. 60303
    Schedule an appointment:

    K - O

    Ms. Sarita Betts, MA
    Ext. 60302
    Schedule an Appointment:

    P - R

    Mrs. Linda M. Santiago, MA
    Guidance Lead
    Ext. 60304
    Schedule an Appointment:

    S - Z

    Mr. Jean-Yves Bazile, M.Ed.
    Ext. 60306
    Schedule an appointment:

    College and Career (All Students)

    Mr. Bruce Mulford
    Ext. 60305
    Sschedule an appointment: