LBHS Media Center

Using The Library: What do I need to know?

  • Coming to the library:

    Students are welcome before school (6:50 - 7:15), lunch time (with library pass), and during class (with a pass from the teacher) or with a class for instructions.

    Why do I need a pass to come to the library?

    ​Passes are required for security reasons. Each person visiting the library must have their own pass, even if they come from the same class.

    Lunch & Class time:

    All students must sign in on a computer at the kiosk and must stay in the library the entire lunch period. No food is allowed in the library.


  • Checking out books:

    Students are allowed 3 checkouts per account and can keep books for 2 weeks. If you need to keep books longer, you can stop by the library and renew them. 


    • Fines are applied to a student's account for lost or damaged books.
    • If a book is not returned or renewed 6 weeks after the initial checkout date, the book will be marked as lost and a fine will be charged to the student.
    • Fines may prevent a student from checking out additional materials.
    • If fines are not paid by the end of the school year or before graduation, students will be placed on the OBLIGATION LIST.
  • Maker Space

    Our maker space includes card games and board games. You can also build with Legos and K'nex. We have coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles.