Florida Teens Read Book List

  • *** NOTICE ***

    This program is designed to entice teens to read. In order to engage their interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections include those that involve sensitive issues. The content of some of the titles may be more mature than younger students may have previously encountered. Please recognize that this is a voluntary reading program. Not every book selected will suit every student. In a democratic society, a variety of ideas must find a voice. As readers, teens have the choice to read more mature titles or to close the book.

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  • Date Me Bryson Keller Image

    Date Me Bryson Keller


    Have you ever just been so infuriated with someone you want to date them? Or maybe you know dating will be easy for
    you, so you make a bet you can date a different person every week? With rules and parameters, of course. Bryson Keller
    takes that dare and even puts his precious Jeep on the line--or at least his ability to drive it to school. No way will he end
    up on the dreaded bus. The rules are simple: whoever asks him out first on Monday morning, he must say yes to or forfeit
    the dare. He wasn’t expecting Kai Sheridan. Truthfully, Kai wasn’t expecting to ask out the boy who rules Fairview High.
    Sometimes, fate leads us on the best paths--no matter how tumultuous they may be. Get ready because this heartfelt and
    hilarious story of coming out and self discovery will take you on a rollercoaster ride.

  • Not So Pure and Simple Image

    Not So Pure and Simple


    Del has had a huge crush on the very popular Kiera since elementary school. Now in high school, he believes he has an
    opportunity to finally date his dream girl. When Kiera signs up for the “Purity Pledge” at church, Del signs up as well,
    believing this is his opportunity to spend more time with Kiera and ultimately date her. Del’s parents sign him up for the
    "Healthy Life” class being offered at his high school. When Del’s Purity Pledge peers find out he’s in the Healthy Life class,
    they convince him to ask questions related to sex education in the Healthy Living class because their parents have not
    given them permission to take the class. You will laugh out loud as Del spies for his fellow Purity Pledgers and their quest
    to understand things related to male puberty. While Del tries to use the new knowledge to date Kiera, all of the Purity
    Pledgers are finally learning valuable lessons that have been denied to them.

  • Fable Image



    Cheating death is a way of life on a desolate island of thieves for seventeen-year-old Fable. Desperate to get off the island
    and find her notorious father who left her there 4 years ago, Fable convinces West, an island trader, to let her aboard his
    ship. They set off across the seas in search of the treasure that Fable’s father owes her. Rivalries and betrayals make it hard
    for Fable to know who she can trust with her heart and her dreams. Faced with deadly storms and deadly people
    determined to keep her from finding what she seeks, Fable fights to stay alive long enough to confront her past. What she
    discovers could destroy what she and West have begun to build on their epic adventure, or it could be just the treasure she

  • The Black Flamingo Image

    The Black Flamingo


    Join Michael as he grows up and comes into himself, a bi-racial gay man. Based on the author’s experiences growing up,
    Atta brings Michael and his personal struggles alive in a way that allows everyone to take a step in his shoes. From his
    first Barbie to both discovering and hiding himself in high school to finally finding self-expression through a drag club at
    University, Michael share’s his story with joy and heartbreak that is infinitely relatable. Written in verse, this is a
    beautiful story of self-acceptance and finding yourself.

  • Rules for Vanishing Image

    Rules for Vanishing


    A haunted forest, a vengeful ghost girl, a creepy summoning ritual. It’s all an urban legend-- just a kid’s game. At least
    that’s what Sara thought until her sister Becca disappeared in those woods. A year later, all Sara has left is a broken
    family, her missing sister’s disturbing journal, and a friend group that won’t even talk to her. If Sara and her exfriends
    join up to look for Becca, what else will they find? Or rather- what will find them? This gripping novel uses
    chilling interviews, witness testimonies, and video transcripts to tell a truly original- and terrifying- horror story.

  • Legendborn Image



    Upon arriving at UNC-Chapel Hill, Bree Matthews witnesses a flying demon feeding on the energy of humans. Shortly after,
    a mage comes and tries to erase Bree’s memory. He fails, and instead unlocks Bree’s powers along with a memory of
    another mage in the hospital when her mother died. Wondering if this has something to do with her mom’s death, she
    decides to join the group of mages, who call themselves the Legendborn, and enlists the help of a reluctant member who
    holds his own grudge against the organization. While going through her training, something or someone keeps opening the
    gates of hell and freeing evil creatures. The Legendborn are called to fight these creatures and save the world. They tell Bree
    they are descendants of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, and that a war is coming. Bree must decide - destroy the
    organization or join the fight.

  • The Hive Image

    The Hive


    Before the Hive, social media was out of control. Controlled by hackers, trolls, and doxxers. People were powerless against
    them, but the Hive fixed all of that. You make a post online that is deemed inappropriate you can be condemned; get enough
    condemns and a crowd can come after you and punish you in real time. It is safer, fairer, and perfectly legal. Cassie
    McKinney always believed in the Hive until an edgy post she makes goes viral and whips the Hive into a frenzy and the Hive
    ALWAYS demands justice. Relying on a group of outcasts, Cassie is literally running for her life. As she tries to stay alive she
    uncovers the truth about how the Hive actually works. But can she stay ahead of the mob long enough to show the world
    the flaw in the program they have placed their faith and trust in?

  • Grown Image



    All Enchanted Jones ever wanted was to become a singer! But the blood on her hands and loss of memory of the previous
    night's events have completely changed things. Before this nightmare began, Enchanted was a girl with a dream trying to
    adjust to her family's move to the suburbs where she's the newbie of the few black girls in her new high school. When she
    meets R&B artist Korey Fields, she is enamored by his charm and superstar life style and wonders if he could be her
    ticket to fame. But she soon discovers that his charm is a mask hiding his dark side full of control, rage, and dire
    consequences. Now that Korey is dead, her life and dreams are in limbo. Everyone, including Enchanted, wants to know
    who killed Korey Fields.