• Steps to Document the Bright Futures Service Work

    1. Contact the agency or organization to discuss the social issue, civic issue or professional area of interest and develop a plan of action.

    2. Complete the Volunteer Service Work Plan after developing a plan of action making certain to include all necessary signatures.

    3. Submit the Volunteer Service Work Plan to the High School Counselor for approval.

    4. Log the volunteer service work hours on the Volunteer Service Work Hours Log. The agency or organization contact person or supervisor must sign this documentation after each logged entry.

    5. Submit the completed Volunteer Service Work Hours Log along with a presentation, journal, personal response essay or other method of self-evaluation of the volunteer service work to the High School Counselor.

    6. The volunteer service work hours will be documented on the student’s official high school transcript and all documentation will be filed by the school counselor.

    7. It is suggested students keep copies of completed Volunteer Service Work Hours Logs for their own records. Students should also update their resume to reflect service hours.

    8. All volunteer paperwork (Volunteer Service Work Plan and Volunteer Service Work Hours Log) must be completed, signed, and submitted prior to graduation.

  • Steps to Successful Volunteering

    • Aim to complete 25 hours of community service each year of high school to have the 100 hours needed for the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship. Students can begin accruing Bright Futures Community Service hours the summer before 9th grade begins.
    • Fewer hours are required for the Bright Futures Medallion and Gold Seal CAPE and Vocational Scholarships.
    • Community service hours are not a requirement to graduate high school but can be helpful to students in discovering careers of interest, demonstrating leadership skills for resumes and scholarships, and most importantly, giving back to their community.
    • Review the School District of Osceola County Community Service Guidelines prior to volunteering. These guidelines apply to community service hours reported on student transcripts used to verify Bright Futures eligibility.
    • Turn in your hours per the guidelines listed above to your high school counselor.