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    1           FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the key that opens the door to all 3 types of financial aid, including the Pell Grant, which is up to $6,000 of free money per school year! The FAFSA becomes available every October, and should be completed as soon as possible (the state deadline is March 31st). Many state universities and colleges use the FAFSA to award institutional aid as well. Also outside scholarships will require students to have completed it. You must complete this every year while attending college to continue qualifying.

    TIP- First make your FSA ID, wait a few days and start your FAFSA App.

    2         Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

    Students attending a Florida institution may use a state-funded scholarship program called Bright Futures to receive scholarship funding. The student must qualify with required test score minimum, GPA minimum and community service hours, among other general qualifications. See the following page for more details.

    Click here to navigate to the Florida Financial Aid Application

    3         Education Foundation Scholarships

    Our local education foundation manages scholarships from multiple sources to be distributed to Osceola County students (mostly H.S. seniors). Since the foundation is local, this scholarship application is the second step Mrs. Crotty recommends to seniors. See the following page for more details.


    4        PATHS Counseling Department Remind Text Alerts

    The PATHS Counseling Department has Remind Text Alerts set up for each class. The counselors send out important school information, upcoming events, and Mrs. Crotty OFTEN sends out scholarship opportunities. See a counselor or posters around campus to set up your account and join the correct class.

    5         University Scholarships & Major-Specific Opportunities

    Check with the Financial Aid Office or Website for the institution you are applying/attending. They will have their own institutional scholarships or programs that could offer funding or opportunities. Also check into the associations/organizations coordinating with your future career to see if they offer scholarships or other opportunities. For example, a future teacher might look into the National Education Association (NEA), or even local organizations for current/retired teachers. This is a good idea for your scholarship search, but also just to network or gain additional opportunities.

    6          Online Resources

    XELLO Account  Goals & Plans > College Planning > Local Scholarships



  • GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program