1. Cap & Gown Basics        $80/$100  (Oct.)
    2. PowderPuff (girls)          $40              (Feb/Mar)

      (boys)         $20

    1. Senior/Faculty Kickball $30              (TBD)
    2. Senior Tailgate $25              (Oct. 29th)
    3. Grad Bash $120           (April)
    4. Senior T-shirt $15              (Sept/Oct)
    5. Prom $90              (April 2nd)
    6. Homecoming Dance         $25              (Oct. 16th)
    7. Senior Movie Night $10              (Dec/Mar)
    8. Other (yearbook/Senior T-Shirts/etc.) $150


    All fees are an estimation and packages(prices) will vary according to your choices!


    *This is a tentative list of Senior Activities and dates, we are looking to have this year. Administrative Approval is pending on all event and will be determined through your actions and behavior.                          


     NOTE: Due to Covid-19 there is no guarantee that any of these events will take place. This is our “wish List of Events!


    Senior TEAMS

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