Ascend Academy

  • The Ascend Academy at Poinciana

    Here is the data for our 1st graduating class from the Ascend Academy!


    Total Students


    Completed AP Courses


    Passed AP Exams


    Earned DE Credits


    Estimated Earned College Credit (AP&DE)


    Average Weighted GPA


    AP Capstone Diploma Candidates


    AP Capstone Certificate Candidates


    Bright Futures Recipients


    College Acceptances

    60 documented

    Top 100 College/University Acceptances



    $600,000 documented

    Completed Community Service Hours

    4765 Hours

    Recipient of the Seal of Biliteracy


    Recipient of Scholar and/or Merit Diploma



    The Ascend Academy at Poinciana High School has one goal for its students: 100% acceptance into one or more of the top 20 colleges or universities in the United States.

    Speaking of top colleges, here is a pic from our  ASCEND field trip to the University of Florida!

    2019 Ascend Field Trip Participants Group at the University of Florida  

    The Ascend Program at Poinciana High School is for students who are focused on ascending to new heights in their high school education. 

    Ascend participant University Logos

    Ascend students will take the most rigorous coursework one can engage in during the high school years. With a major focus on Advanced Placement courses and the AP Capstone Diploma, students in the Ascend Academy will be some of the most academically competitive students applying to colleges and universities nationwide.

    Application Criteria

    Poinciana High School will only admit 25 students per cohort year into the Ascend Academy. Therefore, the application process is very competitive. 

    Ascend Application

    Please use the Ascend Academy Application (AP Capstone) to apply.

    If you have questions, please contact Ascend Coordinator, Danielle Malfara Email

    Ascend Program Of Study

    The Ascend course sequencing is what sets our students apart from other high school graduates.

    Freshmen Year

    • AP Biology or Biology Honors
    • ELA 1 Honors
    • AP Human Geography
    • Ascend Elective (Leadership Skills Development)

    Sophomore Year

    • ELA 2 Honors
    • AP Biology/Chemistry Honors
    • AP World History

    Junior Year

    • AP US History
    • AP English Language
    • AP Science Course
    • AP Seminar

    Senior Year

    • AP English Literature

    Additional Courses

    • 1 Additional AP Elective
    • 1 AP Mathematics Offering
    • Junior/Senior Leadership Strategies elective

    AP Capstone Diploma

    Infographi of AP Seminar and Research Certificate

    The Ascend Academy will offer students the opportunity to ear the AP Capstone Diploma. The AP Capstone is a College Board program that equips students with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges. It cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.

    AP Capstone is comprised of two courses – AP Seminar and AP Research – and is designed to complement and enhance discipline specific study in other AP courses. It allows students to engage in unique research opportunities, or to master argument-based writing skills that the AP Capstone program develops.