Testing Information

  • Welcome to the Poinciana High School Testing Page!

    Testing Expectations

    • Be present (Come to school regularly, Report to your testing location at the designated date & time, & Put forth effort to do well)
    • Electronic devices (cellphones, MP3, smart watches, iPods, etc.) should be turned off and placed in your bags BEFORE you enter the testing room.
    • Place your bag in the designated area in the testing room.
    • Report to the seat indicated on the testing list or as directed by the testing room administrator
    • Only bottled water and a small snack is allowed at your testing station and YOU are responsible for cleaning up after yourself (Allowed for FSA/Pearson/WIDA/PERT test only)
    • Talking/noise should be at a minimal as students are being seated
    • Talking/noise should cease when the testing administrator/proctor indicates that they are ready to begin
    • Remain seated unless given permission to leave your seat

    Electronic devices are NEVER permitted within arm’s reach of the student during testing, even if they are turned off and not used. If an electronic device is within arm’s reach during testing it will be cause for immediate test invalidation. 

    Testing Materials

    Pencils, worksheets, and/or reference sheets as required for PERT, FSA, and EOCs will be provided.

    Testing Dates

    PNHS 2020 Spring State Testing Schedule.

    These dates are TENTATIVE and are subject to change.


    Please contact our testing coordinator, Sharanta Harrington, at Sharanta.harrington@osceoalschools.net with any questions concerning school testing.