• Steps to Document the Bright Futures Service Work

      1. Contact the agency or organization to discuss the social issue, civic issue or professional area of interest and develop a plan of action.

      2. Complete the Community Service Plan after developing a plan of action making certain to include all necessary signatures. To digitally sign the document, students will need to download, save as an Adobe file and open through Adobe. 

      3. Submit the Community Service Plan to the High School Counselor for approval.

      4. Log the community service hours on the Community Service Hours Log. The agency or organization contact person or supervisor must sign this documentation after each logged entry. To digitally sign the document, students will need to download, save as an Adobe file and open through Adobe.

      5. Submit the completed Community Service Hours Log along with a presentation, journal, personal response essay or other method of self-evaluation of the community service to the High School Counselor.

      6. The community service hours will be documented on the student’s official high school transcript and all documentation will be filed by the school counselor.

      7. It is suggested students keep copies of completed Community Service Hours Logs for their own records. Students should also update their resume to reflect service hours.

      8. All volunteer paperwork (Community Service Plan and Community Service Hours Log) must be completed, signed, and submitted prior to graduation.