• School Resource Officers

    Deputy Oliver and Deputy Reid have worked in Law Enforcement for approximately 18 years and have been serving Osceola County Since 2006. Deputy Oliver is in his sixth school year at PHS and Deputy Reid is in his second school year at PHS. Deputy Oliver and Reid were hired together at Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and have worked together in other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office prior to being School Resource Officers. Because of this they have a great understanding and working relationship together. They believe in building community relationships between Law Enforcement and the community they serve at Poinciana High School. Deputy Oliver is a baseball coach at Poinciana High School. You will likely see Deputy Oliver and Reid at football games and other student events during the year, so be sure to say hello when you see them on campus.

    Remember to REP the P!     Respect, Education, Pride

Deputy Oliver and Deputy Lennon