• Community Service Hours


    Community service hours are not a requirement for graduation from high school.  Community serivce hours are a requirement for Bright Futures scholarships.  In order to set students up for success, we do encourage all students to work on community service hours beginning in 9th grade, with the goal of qualifying for one of the Bright Futures Scholarships. 

    If students are working on community service hours for Bright Futures they need to use this form and follow the instructions as outlined: Bright Futures Community Service Instructions and Log Once these hours are complete, students can make an appointment with their school counselor to review their service project and what they are taking away from their experience.  The hours will then be submitted into their final transcript for Bright Futures evaluation purposes and added to their official file. 

    Students are still encouraged to keep track of other volunteer work that may not qualify for Bright Futures.  They can do that using the PHS Volunteer Hours Log  These hours will not be entered into Focus or final transcripts.


    Feel free to reach out to your school counselor for more information!