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    Osceola Virtual School's 6-12 Program is offered to students who wish to take courses as a full, part-time or home education student. The 6-12 Instructional Program is free of cost to students who reside in Osceola County School District. Students must meet all district and state eligibility requirements to enroll and take courses. Schedule an appointment with our Guidance Counselor to learn about our academic and curriculum designed to meet the needs of every type learners. Full and Part-time students take courses online through the secondary program of the Osceola Virtual School, which is a FLVS franchise. Full time students take six courses and part-time students can enroll in one or more courses. Full-time OVS students are eligible to receive a HS Diploma through this program. All enrollments must be done through Osceola Virtual School. Courses are done through the Florida Virtual School Web site.