• Elementary and middle school courses are not offered at Osceola Virtual School during the summer.

  • Home Education families must reside in Osceola County and may apply anytime throughout the school year. Students may take up to 4 core classes (English, Math, Science & Social Studies) at once with OVS. 

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Withdraw from your home zoned school, should your transfer be from a physical school in Osceola County.
    2. Submit your letter of intent via email to the Home Education Department at homeeducation@osceolaschools.net.
    3. Create an account on flvs.net (Please click on Elementary or Middle/High to create an account for the appropriate grade range: Create Elementary FLVS account, Create Middle/High FLVS account)
    4. Sign up for the 4 core classes (English, Math, Science & Social Studies) you were going to take this semester at your prior school, choosing Osceola Virtual School as the virtual school to take the courses with.
    5. Once you receive your letter confirming your registration/approval with Home Education, please call our office at 407-870-1445 so we can assist you with any other questions you may have.

    Why choose Osceola Virtual School as your Home Education curriculum?

    • We have a local (St. Cloud) office and administration for ease of communication, who is here to help you immediately should you require assistance.
    • We use Osceola County teachers, with whom we are in daily contact should you need assistance or have questions.
    • Our teachers have daily open office hours, students can ask questions or book appointments for additional help and support.
    • We are pleased to announce we are now a K-12 school that offers curriculum for all grade levels.
    • Home Education students can take up to four courses with OVS at a time (often the 4 core subjects) and still take electives through FLVS!
    • Core courses are designed to be completed in 18 weeks or less!



Home Education - Quick Reference Guide. Please call our office for assistance with the Home Education process at 407-870-4847
Home Education Department's Quick Reference Guide
  • Our Partnership:

        Osceola Virtual School recognizes that education of children is a process that involves a partnership between a child, a child's parents, teacher, school administrators and other school personnel. We welcome and encourage parental participation. We promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct to maintain, to the greatest extent reasonably possible, a safe and harassment-free workplace for all. 

    Notice from FLVS and our Franchise:

    "Please note that FLVS does not provide any Access Points of the Florida State Standards which offer modified curriculum and assessment options for students with intellectual disabilities or significant cognitive disabilities. Parents are encouraged to discuss Access Point options that are available in the district of record for students with significant cognitive disabilities who need reduced levels of complexity/reduced academic expectations to ensure successful student outcomes."

    Please see link below for more information.