School Registration

  • Students who wish to enroll as a full-time student must complete an official Registration Form and submit all the proper registration documents before enrollment. Students who take courses as a part-time learners, home-school or private student will not need to complete a registration form, but will need to complete the Pre-Registration Form and submit prior testing and academic records. Home-schooled students will need to complete the Intent to Home School Form which can be obtained at the Charter and Educational Choices Office located at 1200 Vermont Avenue St. Cloud, FL 34769 (Building 9). Osceola Virtual School is a School Choice Option.

    Newly enrolled or registered students taking one (1) or more course must complete an Student/Parent Agreement Form. The Agreement Form is a contract agreeing to the commitments of attending a virtual instructional program. Students and parents who agree to the commitments must meet with a member of the administration team prior to approval for enrollment into courses. Osceola Virtual School does not offer rolling enrollment periods. Enrollment as a full-time and part-time student is offered tri-annually Summer (April-June), Fall (June-September and Spring (December-February). Students and parents who are interested in enrolling and taking courses may contact Osceola Virtual School Main Office to speak with a staff member to learn more about registration and documents needed.

    Eligibility and Requirements

    Osceola Virtual School is a public school online school. Due to state statutes and regulations, students must meet Eligibility Requirements before being approved to enroll. For more information visit

    Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

    The student has spent the prior school year in attendance at a public school in this state and was enrolled and reported by a public school district for funding during the preceding October and February Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) survey.

    1. The student is a dependent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was transferred within the last 12 months to this state from another state or from a foreign country pursuant to the parent’s permanent change of station orders.
    2. The student was enrolled during the prior school year in a school district virtual instruction program under this section or a K-8 virtual school program under Section 1002.415, Florida Statutes.
    3. The student has a sibling who is currently enrolled in the school district virtual instruction program and that sibling was enrolled in such program at the endof the prior school year.
    4. The student is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade.
    5. The student is eligible to enter grades 2 through 5 and is enrolled full-time in a school district virtual instruction program, virtual charter school, or the Florida Virtual School.

    Documents Needed to Register Your Student in the Osceola Virtual School:

    1. Valid Parent Driver's License or State Identification.
    2. Child's Birth Certificate.
    3. Mortgage or Lease Agreement.
    4. Current Utility Bill.
    5. Current Physical Examination (Must be from Doctor).
    6. Immunization Records.
    7. Withdrawal Form from Current School.

    In addition you must download, fill out and bring the following forms with you the day of the enrollment:

      1. Pre-registration.
      2. Registration Form
      3. Osceola Virtual School Agreement.