• I have been a student at Osceola Virtual School for 3 years, after transferring from Gateway High School, Freshman year. The

    It's is very easy very helpful and very much worth the time I enjoyed it. I took my drivers class online and it only took me a month I was able to get my permit than later on get my license.

    They are extremely responsive and very invested / interested in how you perform in school currently as well as in the future.

    My personal experience with OVS is one of family and gratitude. When I was looking for Dual Enrollment opportunities, Osceola Virtual School called me out and has supported me since I began the program. The staff is passionate about their students and they treat everyone like family. While being online, the school offers tutoring, staff-parent meetings, student involvement in decisions, and a plethora of activities and summer course/programs. The teachers are extremely cooperative and willing to enhance the student's potential. Their efficiency, advice, and help has and still is encouraging me to continue on my educational journey.

    Going into virtual school recently has been very challenging, but it has been a good type of stress. I'm part of the class of 2020, so a lot of my seior suprelatives have been taken away. But, I am also one of those students that doesn't mind that much either. I am more grateful we are able to stay home and work online during quarantine where we can still get an education while protecting ourselves.

    At first, it difficult to find the lessons and assignments. But, it gets more easier as you go through the lessons.

    Osceola virtual school opens opportunities not only for children who do home schooling but for kids who go to school but would like to learn at a faster rate. All my previous experiences with the teachers that i have been set up with have been positive. However, i would like more frequent live lessons in order for the student to connect more with the teacher, and develop communication skills.