• Osceola Virtual School's Student Spotlight: Sara Hendrix Grade 10

  • What inspires Me?

    Sara has attended Osceola Virtual School since 2020. When asked what inspires her, Sara replied with the following: "My goals, a desire to achieve great things, my close friends and family, and some of the people that have accomplished what I would like to do. The people in my life have helped inspire me to be better than yesterday and set high goals for myself, knowing that I would reach them one day. I have been blessed to have people in my life that I can look up to and who have helped me to become the person I am today." Sara, a straight-A student, loves to ride her horse and compete in the rodeo. She stated: "I have been riding horses since before I could walk and have ridden horses ever since. I have won over 20 belt buckles and two saddles. I enjoy doing something different from most people; it makes me stand out from everyone else. My horses' names are Shug and Blackjack, and I compete on these horses in barrel racing and goat tying. I am so grateful to do what I do, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Also, I have worked to achieve straight- A's most of my life in school. I hope to go to a college in Texas with a college rodeo team or go to Duke University."


Sara Hendrix Riding a horse
Sara Hendrix next to her horse