• My Next Steps to Valencia Dual Enrollment

    Fall Term 2022 Important Deadlines:

    Fall Term Begins:  August 22nd

    Drop Deadline: August 29th

    Withdrawal Deadline:  October 28th

    Dual Enrollment Website Link:  Dual Enrollment | Valencia College

    Step 1: Sign the Dual Enrollment Contract

    Parent and student will review and sign the dual enrollment contract.  This is sent to you with your acceptance email from OVS. Your school counselors will not approve your Dual Enrollment schedule until you submit the contract. You will re-submit this contract every school year.

    Step 2: Create Your Atlas Account

    Link to Atlas Login:  Atlas Login - Valencia College

    • Click on the "Atlas Account" button below to go to the Atlas website.
    • Click on "Sign Up for an Account".
    • Click the checkbox to accept the privacy conditions.
    • Complete the requested information, using your VID#.
    • Wait approximately five minutes before trying to log into your Atlas Account.

    Step 3: Register for Online New Student Orientation.

    • Wait 24-48 hours after you create your Atlas account for your online orientation to show up in your account.
    • Log into your Atlas account.
    • On the Atlas main page, click the New Student Orientation box on the left side of your Atlas account.
    • Click the link "Online" to register for an orientation.
    • Your New Student Orientation will be an online orientation.
    • You cannot register for classes until your orientation is completed.
    • Check your Atlas email leading up to the day of your orientation date and time slot to receive any material needed for your orientation.

    Step 4: Attend Your Online Orientation.

    • Online Orientation takes approximately 30-45 minutes.
    • After completing orientation, you will need to wait 24-48 hours to register for your classes.
    • Be sure you complete your orientation. Remember you cannot register for classes until this is completed. The longer you wait to complete it, the less of an opportunity you have to select favorable classes and class times to fit your work and personal schedule.

    Step 5: Register for your Classes!

    1. Log into your Atlas account.
    2. Click on the Courses tab.
    3. Click on Registration (on the right).
    4. Click on Register for Courses; click Submit.
    5. Choose which term you are registering for, then click Submit.
    6. Click Step 3.
    7. Click Class Search.
    8. Click Advanced Search.
    9. Choose a course.
    10. Choose full term

    IMPORTANT: You cannot register for a flex term!

    1. Click Search.

    Step 6: Picking the Right Courses

    Link to Approved Course List at Valencia:  Approved Course List | Dual Enrollment Reference Booklet | Valencia College

    You can pick up to four courses. Four courses is considered full time, and full time students can choose to take just their Valencia classes. If you take less than four at Valencia then you are considered part time and will need to take one or more classes at OVS.  Please email your counselor first for academic advising.  Things to keep in mind are:  Will this class satisfy a high school graduation requirement?  Does this class have the date range of August-December for fall semester or January-May for spring semester?

    Link to course registration information:  Course Registration Information | Dual Enrollment | Valencia College


    AA or AS Degrees:  It is not required for DE students to complete their Associates Degree by the end of their senior year.  Please consult with your school counselor if you wish to complete your AA or AS degree.

    Link to AA degree requirements:  General Education and Course Requirements | Valencia College


    Step 7: Give your Student Detail Schedule to your school counselor!

    1. Login into Atlas
    2. Click on the courses tab
    3. Click on registration
    4. Click on student detail schedule

    Download your schedule as a PDF.

    Using a computer https://youtu.be/ekijrlUWGPI

    Using an Iphone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTtuF-kWiBU&feature=youtu.be

    Using an Android https://youtu.be/VXSkoP5yAFo


    Send your PDF schedule to your counselor to get approved.

    Mr. Arrington: christopher.arrington@osceolaschools.net

    Mrs. Vergon: kelley.vergon@osceolaschools.net


    Step 8: Pick up your books.

    Once your schedule is approved by your counselor, you can go to the bookstore to pick up your books. No need to make an appointment. You will arrive and be put in an electronic queue. It is very important to pick up your books or online codes when the bookstore is open as they are only open for a few weeks. Click the link below for dates, hours, and electronic queue.

    Link to DE bookstore website:  Guidance Services / Dual Enrollment Bookstore (osceolaschools.net)

    Bookstore is located at the following address:

    803 Bill Beck Blvd, portable 803C

    Kissimmee, FL 34744

    Sign up for the DE bookstore remind.  Text to number 81011 the message @destu 


    Step 9: Get Your Student ID & Parking Permit.

    How do I get my student ID?

    Student ID cards can be obtained in the Security office on any Campus, except Downtown Campus, once you have registered and paid for your classes. Downtown Campus (DTC) students obtain student ID cards at Card Services Downtown located in the Communication and Media Building near the front lobby. The first student ID card is free. Replacement fee is $5 at all campuses except DTC which has a $15 fee. You will need your student ID card to access campus services such as the Library and Testing Center. Student IDs can be used for library access, testing purposes and discounts in the community.

    How do I get a parking permit?

    Review the link below for instructions on how to obtain your parking decal:



    FAQ: How Do I Drop a Course?

    You can add and drop courses up until school starts with no penalty.

    1. Click on the Courses
    2. Click on Registration.
    3. Click on Register for Courses.
    4. Click on Step 3: Add/Withdraw.
    5. Click on the drop down arrow and choose drop via web.
    6. Click on Submit Changes.




    After the first week of school, please consult with your school counselor before dropping a course.

    Withdrawing from one course will result in a "W" on your college transcript. This can affect financial aid in the future. If you drop from a second course, you will be withdrawn from the dual enrollment program at the end of the semester, and you will not be allowed to take any dual enrollment classes in the future.


    Step 9: Attend Classes!

    Print a copy of your student detailed schedule for yourself or take a picture of it. Be sure you know what days your classes begin and end, the campus location, building location, and the days and time you have classes. If you miss classes on the first day, you can be dropped from the class. Be sure you know the class attendance policy.


    Valencia College Advisor

    The Dual Enrollment Advising Team helps serve students by making course recommendations, discussing graduation requirements, and answering DE questions.

    It is recommended that students meet with their high school guidance counselor to discuss unmet high school requirements before meeting with a DE advisor.

    Link to DE advising Page:  Advisors | Dual Enrollment | Valencia College

    You can email the dual enrollment office at dualenrollment.valenciacollege.edu.

    Be sure to include your full name and VID#.

    For Students with a 504 or an IEP

    What You Need to Know

    Your high school 504 or an IEP will not automatically transfer over to Valencia Dual Enrollment; therefore, it is the responsibility of the dual enrollment student to meet with the Office of Student Disabilities (OSD) to request accommodations in advance. Please view the OSD website for guidelines, and the location of OSD for each campus.


    Link for DE students with 504 or IEP’s:  Dual Enrollment | Office for Students with Disabilities | Valencia College

    Please contact:

    Kelley.Vergon@osceolaschools.net  or

    Christopher.arrington@osceolaschools.net for assistance.