• Students have free access to college and career exploration and planning through Xello. Students can access Xello through ClassLink, and can use Xello to explore careers, technical schools, trade schools, 2-year and 4-year colleges, college majors, cost, and college admission information.  

    Students completed their first lesson before the winter holidays in their English class. Students completed their 2nd lesson during our College & Career period on January 10th. 


    9th Grade 

    Freshmen completed 2 lessons - Study Skills & Habits and All About Me Assessments. Study Skills & Habits is a lesson all about exploring best ways to study and maximize learning. All About Me Assessments are a series of assessments connecting students to careers aligned with their goals and interests. Learn more about these lessons at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUWdGGEDOnI&t=2s

    10th Grade

    Sophomores completed 2 lessons - Exploring Career Factors and Career Demand. Exploring Career Factors is a lesson all about exploring career fit. Career Demand is a lesson all about how to determine if a career is growing or slowing. Learn more about these lessons at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5iP5gcSUXk&t=3s

    11th Grade

    Juniors completed 2 lessons - Program Prospects and Choosing a College. Program Prospects is a lesson about exploring majors and training programs you may need to pursue your career goals. Choosing a College is a lesson about how to choose the right technical school, trade school, or college for you! Learn more about these lessons at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98A5moaxAU&t=3s

    12th Grade 

    Semester 1 - Senior Survey & Year Introduction 

    Seniors took a closer look at important dates and expectations of their senior year. They also explored college planning and resume building on Xello. 

    Semester 2 Overview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ8jyLAbaRc 

    Seniors were reminded about Osceola Prosper requirements, financial aid, and free resources for resume building. 

    Students can also use Xello to...

    • Learn more about careers, different majors in school, admission criteria for colleges, AND technical programs under Explore Options.
    • Save careers, majors, and schools of interest for quick future access
    • Take a variety of quizzes and surveys to learn more about yourself, your interests, and related careers - Matchmaker (a quiz matching your interests to potential careers), Personality Style (a quiz offering you an overview of your personality traits and how to maximize them/talk about them), and Learning Style (a quiz offering you feedback on your preferred style of learning. This can help you make the most of study time!)

    Learn more about Xello at https://www.osceolaschools.net/Page/7996