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    Alternative Programs

    • Heritage Park Academy- Placed in the treatment facility by the Department of Juvenile Justice, students receive a full education through the School District of Osceola County.    They are placed in classes by grade level and student goals are focused on credit retrieval, credit accrual, academic skill gain, and industry certification with the goal of returning to school or high school graduation through a credit bearing Florida High School Diploma or a Florida high school credential through the GED® exam.


    • Oasis Adolescent Campus- Students placed in this short-term residential treatment facility are placed in classes to assist students in continuing core credit while treatment is prioritized and progresses.  Student goals are focused on credit retrieval, credit accrual and academic skill gain.

    To contact Alternative Programs Administration, please call 407-518-8140 ext. 29100 or email karen.combs@osceolaschools.net

    To contact Alternative Program Records, please call 407-518-8140 ext. 29222 or email carmen.freeman@osceolaschools.net

    To contact Guidance Service, please call 407-518-8140 ext. 29301 or email denise.gettelcapone@osceolaschools.net

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