• Student Update Form

    Good News!

    Now you can update your students information online! 

    We know that there is a ton of paperwork for parents to fill out at the start of school. To make it easier for parents, the school district has moved the student emergency contact and thephotography/video permission forms online. 

    How? It is easy through the Focus Parent Portal!

    The Focus Parent Portal is an online tool designed to enhance communication and involvement in your child's education. The Parent Portal allows parents to better monitor their child's progress in school by providing Internet access to grades, attendance, discipline, academic history, graduation verification, and standardized test results in a secure password-protected environment. 

  • If you already have a Focus Parent Portal account:

    Click here to access the Parent Portal. 

    Username: Email address used to set up Parent Portal account

    Password: (Parent determines)

  • If you do not have a Parent Portal account:

    Click here to create your own Parent Portal account online.