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Welcome To Guidance Services

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission as professional school counselors of Osceola County is to provide a comprehensive developmental Counseling and Guidance Program that is proactive and responsive and inspires all students to reach their highest potential.


    1. All students have dignity, worth and the potential to be successful.
    2. Growth and learning are developmental in nature; thus students learn through different means and at individual rates.
    3. The school counseling and guidance program is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process.
    4. Educational, career and personal objectives are achieved only when guidance is provided for all students/families.
    5. The School Counseling Program is successful when it is coordinated and incorporated as a part of the district’s comprehensive curriculum.

    Professional School Counselor Role:

    Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators with the minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling and are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students through a comprehensive school counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students.

    Description from the American School Counselor Association