Starting Kindergarten? Help Make It a Good Experience!

    Kindergarten brings big changes for kids. For some, it’s their first time in a structured school setting. For others, it’s going from a small classroom in preschool to a big room with lots of kids. Kids all respond differently to these changes. While some are excited by new experiences and can’t wait, others may have a tough time with change and be anxious about the kindergarten experience!

    You can support your child’s transition to kindergarten by talking about kindergarten, reading books about kindergarten, playing "pretend" kindergarten at home, and by utilizing the resources below! Preparing your child for the transition should be done in a way best suited for each individual child. We are so excited to welcome your little one to their first step toward graduation and academic success!

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Kindergarten Transition Tips

  • Practice Kindergarten Skills

  • Make Following Directions Fun!

  • Set Clear Bedtimes and Morning Routines

  • Ask How Your Child Is Feeling

  • Read Together

  • Introduce New Friends

  • Talk About Your Child’s Strengths

  • Practice Asking For Help