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    The team in Research, Evaluation and Accountability is responsive to the decision making needs that will support the overall success of the students in Osceola County.  Our department strives in our service to empower through data, research and collaboration and is dedicated to the accuracy of our support. Our passion is your success and the team in our department is always working to develop new and progressive tools to support the teachers, students and staff in Osceola.

  • New for the 2020-2021 School Year
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    School City Brochure

    School City is growing bigger and better in Osceola.  Students will be able to complete districts assessments online and have results available in real-time.  This new online environment supports technology enhanced questions such as multi-part (A/B) type, analytical tools for quick access to assessment reports and personalized review for instant feedback and reteaching.

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  • Research, Evaluation, and Accountability
    817 Bill Beck Blvd.,

    Kissimmee, FL 34744
    Phone: 407-870-4056  ext: 66150
    Fax: 407-870-4957

    Leah Torres, Ed.D.

    Leah Torres

Department Staff
Nicole Bonini
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66151

Heather Fernbacher
Testing Technician
(407) 518-2902   ext: 66158

Jonathan Kochan
Research & Evaluation Specialist Supervisor of Testing
(407) 870-4046   ext: 66153

Ashley Pierce, Ed.D.
Research & Evaluation Specialist
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66160

Elizabeth Hadley
Research & Evaluation Specialist
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66154

David Maddock, Ed.D.
Research & Evaluation Specialist
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66161

Esther Vecchitto
Accountant Clerk II
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66152

Joseph Lopez-Ortiz
College Student Assistant
(407) 870-4056   ext: 66156