• NWEA Spring Testing: April 12 - April 30.


    Alumna/o digital:

    Para acceder a la prueba vaya a: test.mapnwea.org/#/nopopup

    Su maestro le proporcionará su identficiatión de session y contraseña
    Ayuda technica: 407-870-4932

  • New for 2020-2021
     School City Image of Student on a Computer
    School City Brochure

    School City Brochure - Spanish

    School City is growing bigger and better in Osceola.  Students will be able to complete districts assessments online and have results available in real-time.  This new online environment supports technology enhanced questions such as multi-part (A/B) type, analytical tools for quick access to assessment reports and personalized review for instant feedback and reteaching.

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