Welcome to Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

  • Our Mission:

    To provide leadership in curriculum, instruction, and assessment that inspires all learners to reach their highest potential as responsible, productive citizens.

    The Elementary Philosophy:

    To lead the learning and achievement of all students through exceptional customer service to schools, other departments, and the community in a caring, professional, and sensitive manner.

    We believe that all elementary students benefit from rigorous and engaging learning experiences, academic play, and social interactions that help build their affective abilities in order to ensure success in future careers that may not even exist today. We prepare teachers to be classroom leaders that can create learning environments that will allow students to grow, challenge themselves, and thrive. Our classrooms are built around trust, mutual respect, and high-quality relationships that support students in challenging and diverse endeavors no matter their background. Self-respect, equity, respect, and trust are indispensable to the academic success of all of our students. Engaging in your child's academic career is one of the best ways that parents and the community can get involved, a donation of time that we both respect and encourage. Whether it is helping the teacher, chaperoning field trips, participating in the School Advisory Council (SAC), or even reading with your student for 30 minutes a night, there are many ways for parents to participate. We encourage you to contact your child's school and ask how you can become involved.

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