Department Staff

Employee Email Job Title Extension
Alice Griffin ELA/Literacy Resource Teacher 65272
Amanda Tattoli Valencia Transition Coach 8302
Andrea Richard Valencia Transition Coach 2303
Andria Jurgens Coordinator of K-12 Mathematics 65251
Anthony Cook District College and Career Coordinator 65268
Brenda Gonzalez Accounting Clerk 65252
Charlotte Gleason District Secondary Guidance Counselor 66015
Chris Burns Fine & Performing Arts Resource Specialist 65269
Chrissy Brouwer Science Resource Teacher 65265
Chundra Evens Assistant Superintendent 65254
Cynthia Long Coordinator of K-12 Science 66508
Danielle Springer Secretary of Guidance, College & Career, DE Bookstore 65262
JoAnn Johnson Bookkeeper 65252
Katrina Thompson Administrative Assistant to Dr. Evens 65254
Kris Rodgers Gifted Resource Teacher 65121
Lynette Burton Valencia Transition Coach 4309
Mackenzie Bertram Coordinator of K-12 Literacy 65112
Matt Murphy Health and Physical Ed Resource Teacher 65766
Nancy Bogaenko Avid Resource Teacher 6-12 66507
Omaira Perez Science Resource Teacher 65270
Rachelle Strang Social Studies Resource Teacher 65257
Rhonda Rodriguez Impire Labs Resource Teacher 65462
Ronda Weber Literacy Resource Teacher 65260
Ryan Adams Coordinator of Athletics, Driver Education, & Physical Education 65565