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    The team members in the district’s Community Relations Department are dedicated to keeping Osceola County residents informed about the School Board, the Osceola School District, and the individual public schools within the district. The goal of our communication efforts is to build trust within the district and create new lines of communication throughout the district with our many education stakeholders. Areas of focus for community engagement projects and programs include:

    • Community Relations and Partnerships
    • Media Relations
    • Employee Relations

    We believe:

    1. The district has an important responsibility to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
    2. Effective communication helps increase student achievement, and is a two-way process involving both internal and external publics.
    3. Effective communication is the responsibility of every employee in the district.

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    817 Bill Beck Blvd.,
    Kissimmee, FL. 34744
    Phone: 407-870-4007
    Fax: 407-870-4017
    Dana Schafer
    Public Information Officer

    Dana Schafer Community Relations


Name E-mail Position
Dana Schafer Dana.Schafer@osceolaschools.net Public Information Officer
Ari Jimenez Ari.Jimenez@osceolaschools.net Executive Secretary
Martha Mann Martha.Mann@osceolaschools.net Community Relations Specialist
Abby Jacobacci Abby.Jacobacci@osceolaschools.net Community Relations Specialist (Events)
Janae Muchmore Janae.Muchmore@osceolaschools.net Community Relations Specialist (Social Media)
Rosali Gully Rosali.Gully@osceolaschools.net District Webmaster
Video Production Specialist
Maria Noa Maria.Noa@osceolaschools.net Receptionist
Felisa Lewis Felisa.Lewis@osceolaschools.net Partners in Education Specialist
Robin Davis Robin.Davis@osceolaschools.net Volunteer Liaison Specialist