• Osceola School District’s Social Media Disclaimer 

    In order to best communicate with parents, students, and community residents, the Osceola School District has a presence on social media outlets, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. 

    Commenting on Osceola School District’s Social Networks Sites 

    All Osceola School District social media sites are monitored on a continuous basis for comments deemed inappropriate. These posts may be removed. Please keep the following in mind when commenting on the sites: 

    • Comments should not be obscene in nature or serve as an attack against any person or group. 
    • Comments should not promote illegal activity or violate copyright law. 
    • Comments should not promote the violation of school rules or substantial disruption of any school's orderly operation. 
    • Comments should not promote or oppose any person or party. Comments should not promote or oppose any person campaigning for election to a political office or promote or oppose any ballot proposition. 
    • Comments should not promote services or companies. 
    • All comments should relate directly to the topic of the site. We expect that participants will treat each other with respect. 
    • All comments and postings are subject to Florida’s broad public records laws. 
    • All posts are subject to the Terms of Service of the host site. For more information, consult the host website's Terms of Service. 
    • This policy may be amended or modified at any time. 

    While discussions are encouraged, please contact Dana Schafer, the district’s Public Information Officer, at dana.schafer@osceolaschools.net with complaints or questions in order to ensure timely resolution. You may also call the Osceola School District’s Community Relations Office at 407-870-4007.