Enterprise Team Header
  • The Enterprise Team builds, installs, manages, and maintains servers throughout the District in support of email, data, web sites, business applications, and computer-based testing. They all manage user accounts, maintaining permissions, rights and access to both in-house and cloud-based network services and resources. This team also schedules and manages server backups and data restoration.  Technical support is also provided for district and school web sites, mobile applications, and the emergency and general notification system.

Employee Email Job Title
Benjamin McClure Benjamin.McClure@osceolaschools.net Network Communication Analyst
Brandon Smith Brandon.Smith@osceolaschools.net Network Specialist
Kevin Sowers Kevin.Sowers@osceolaschools.net Network Specialist
Luis SantiagoLopez Luis.SantiagoLopez@osceolaschools.net Network Specialist
Scott Thomas Scott.Thomas@osceolaschools.net Network Specialist
Andrew Brunelle Andrew.Brunelle@osceolaschools.net Network Specialist