Technology Services Scheduled Maintenance Windows

  • In an effort to improve efficiency and service, the SDOC Technology Services Department has established reoccurring Scheduled Maintenance Windows beginning January 2016 to perform regular maintenance on District servers, infrastructure and systems. Once a month, there will be a scheduled window during which maintenance may take place on the second Wednesday and once a quarter on the second Saturday.

    Our Scheduled Maintenance Windows are:

    • The second Wednesday of every month, from 5pm-9pm
    • The second Saturday scheduled quarterly, from 8am-5pm (January, April, July, and October)

    What does this mean for you?

    Wednesday Maintenance Windows

    If we need to perform basic system maintenance that requires a minimal period of downtime, we will use one of these windows to perform that maintenance. We will try to limit any loss of connectivity, but you may find that you are unable to access a particular system during one of these maintenance windows. If this occurs, wait until the window is closed and try again. Examples of what may occur are:

    • Restarts of individual application servers for patching or configuration changes.
    • DNS changes for upgrades (i.e., pointing a name from one server to another).
    • Quick network equipment swaps or patching cables.
    • Small code upgrades that require service restarts.

    Saturday Maintenance Windows

    The Saturday Maintenance Windows will be reserved for more complicated tasks that may require extended network down time. These maintenance windows could result in global outages such as the District network, Internet, email, or telephone services.

    Important Note:

    Maintenance may not occur during every window, but it is a possibility. Similarly, emergency maintenance will sometimes be necessary, and will fall outside of the scheduled windows, but we will do our best to avoid these occurrences. The Technology Services Staff will notify District staff of any needed emergency maintenance.