• Our department was created in 2014 to focus on establishing a vision for the District's short- and long-range planning and growth management needs.
  • Projections indicate that by 2032 student enrollment may reach 90,000 or even higher!
  • The Planning Services Department's employees have over 125 years of combined service in education.
  • The District's 5 Year Plan identifies the potential need for 4 new K-8 Schools and 1 new High School.
  • We plan for Student Capacity at 59 schools districtwide including redistricting, space reconfigurations, classroom wing additions, and comprehensive renovations.
  • Planning Services Teams

    The Planning Services Department is broken up into a handful of teams, each with its own members and responsibilities. Below is a list of our teams and a summary of what they do. Additional team details can be viewed by clicking on that team. 

    Administrative Team
    The Administrative Leadership Team manages and oversees all areas of the Planning Services Department. The Administrative Team also reports to the School Board on activities of the Planning Services Department, represents the department in School Board and publicly held meetings, and all other administrative functions required of the department.

    Educational Capacity Planning Team
    The Educational Capacity Planning Team "ECPT" is responsible for ensuring the School District achieves optimum school capacity for students. The team makes recommendations to District leadership for the best possible utilization of available space and to accommodate future growth, by collecting and analyzing data related to short- and long-term school construction planning, FTE projections, Five Year Educational Plant Survey, Five Year Work Plan, Florida Inventory of School Houses (F.I.S.H.), and functional capacity. 

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team
    The Geographic Information Systems Team is responsible for 3 major tasks: maintenance of the GIS databases, development of Student Enrollment Projections, and development of Redistricting Plans. Each task is closely and directly related to the other, as well as supporting the development review and site planning sections . 

    Growth Management Planning / Real Estate & Site Planning Team
    The Growth Management Planning / Real Estate & Site Planning Team "GMPT" is responsible for coordinating growth management and real estate & site planning. Serving as the liaison to the County and municipalities, the GMPT has access to all residential and commercial development applications. The data collected and analyzed during the development review process is an integral piece in determining the overall impact of residential development on our schools. The GMPT also coordinates real estate transactions including acquisition/disposition of land, future school sites with the residential developers, leases, Interlocal Agreements, road improvements, easements, ROW, etc .