Project Requests Funded by External Partners

  • The ability to submit a Project Request Funded by External Partners has been restricted. Only administrators and select authorized district staff members are allowed to submit new requests.

    If you have any questions about the submission or the progress of a New Project Request, please call 407-518-2964 and ask for Charlene Barkholz.

    The School Board has the responsibility to provide safe, secure, adequate, and equitable facilities which meet the needs of the programs and departments serving students, employees, and the community. This responsibility continues in the maintenance of the existing building and grounds.

    On occasion, requests are made outside of the Facilities Division to modify a facility or school campus, which has a financial implication for the planning, design, and construction phases, as well as the maintenance expenses of the modified area(s). Outside groups of interested “partners” may wish to influence a project and begin attempts to modify a building or campus. Due to economic conditions beyond local control, schools may have a need to engage outside “partners” regarding the financing of a facility modification. “Partners” are appreciated and valued for the support shown toward education.

    Design and Construction Services
    Only licensed professionals approved by the Facilities Division will be permitted to oversee the planning, design, and construction of the project after the Executive Cabinet has granted approval to move forward with the project. All Building Code Compliance must be met and compliance with zoning ordinances must be observed.

    The External Donor will be required to:

    1. ​Provide signed and sealed design documents by a licensed professional.
    2. Construction Services may only be performed by a licensed contractor that has applied for and received a Permit from the School District’s Building Department.
    3. Work may commence ONLY when the licensed contractor has furnished a copy of the Building Permit to the assigned Facilities Division project representative.
    4. Ensure that the school understands the importance of following the process and the law; the Florida Building Code.

    Submit a Project Request (Funded by External Partners)

    To check the status of a Project Request you may contact the Facilities Division by calling 407-518-2964.
    Download a PDF copy of the Project Request Process.

    Use this Worksheet to help answer the questions required of the process before submitting your request.