New Project Requests

  • The ability to submit a New Project Request has been restricted. Only administrators and select authorized district staff members are allowed to submit new requests.
    If you have any questions about the submission or the progress of a New Project Request, please call 407-518-2964 and ask for Charlene Barkholz.

    The submission of a New Project Request is required when requesting changes or improvements to a building and/or for the purchase of equipment that will require physical connection to a building or its utilities.

    Any change/addition to a School District facility site plan or foot print, requires the submission of a New Project Request. The submission of a New Project Request serves as the work authorization and accounting document for the project and provides a means to monitor the requests made by each facility.

    Typically, any renovation or new construction request that meets any of the following criteria will require the site administrator to submit a New  Project Request.

    - Changes to the campus site plan
    - Changes to the function, occupancy or use of an architectural space
    - Additions, deletions, or relocations of utilities, doors, walls, etc.
    - Renovation or renewal of interior or exterior finishes or building components.

    Submit a New Project Request

    To check the status of a New Project Request you may contact the Facilities Division by calling 407-518-2964.

    You may download a PDF copy of the New Project Request Process by clicking here