Register for Extended Learning (Elementary)

  • We would love to have your child join the Extended Learning Program for elementary students. 

    Rapid Registration will take place May 2-13, 2022.

    Rapid Registration is only for parents with a student currently enrolled in the Extended Learning Program with an account in good standing. 

    If you have any questions, call the main office at 407-343-8780.

    Open registration will begin on June 6, 2022. Refer to the Open Registration document for each school's registration window.

    Learn more about it at: Extended Learning Program 2022-2023 Open Registration Dates

    IMPORTANT NOTICE:   All Students Must Be Registered Yearly for the Extended Learning Program

    Enrollment Criteria

    A student may be enrolled in the Extended Day Learning Program when he/she is:

    • Able to be independent in daily self-care needs, such as toileting, feeding and dressing.
    • No danger to him/herself or others.
    • Able to participate in large group activities with an adult/student ratio of 1 adult to 20 students
    • Able to remain within the program location and under supervision without running away.

    Here  Registration Steps for 2022-2023:

    Step 1.   Click HERE To: (1) VIEW, (2) COMPLETE AND (3) SUBMIT ONLINE The Extended Learning Program Application. Please fill in COMPLETELY!

    Step  2.    Click HERE To: (1) DOWNLOAD, (2) COMPLETE AND (3) PRINT the FORMS. Then, EMAIL the documents to

    OR  SCAN and FAX the Completed Forms to 407-343-8652

    Step 3.    Click HERE To (1) DOWNLOAD AND (2) RETAIN Important Payment Information.


    In order for your child to be enrolled in our program, all of the enrollment fees must be paid in full.

    The Enrollment Fees are the Following:

    1. A non-refundable $20.00 Registration fee for each child. Check or Money Order ONLY.   This registration fee is paid once every fiscal year.
    2. A deposit. This fee is the same amount as your weekly fee. Your deposit is used to secure a space for your child during a one-week absence, and can also be used for your child's last week in our program.
    3. The weekly fee for your child's first week in our program. 

    Applications received once a site reaches capacity are placed on a wait list.