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    Now offering......Coil Binding!

        coil binding

    The Advantages.....

    • The pages can be opened a full 360 degrees.
    • It can fold all the way back upon itself and still remain flat, which takes up minimal space on a desk or table.
    • It can accommodate low page counts or high page counts.
    • When opened, the pages turn easily and rotate around the coil with little resistance.
    • Children safe, very flexible no sharp ends.
    • Long lasting
    • Colors are available on special request. Please allow 2-3 weeks longer.


    What can we do for you?
    The Print Shop provides many services to the District. Printing and copying are at the top of the list. Millions of copies are produced each year. Be sure to scroll down to see all that we offer.


    Printing done "Outside"
    The District now has a bid for ALL printing. If printing cannot be done in the in-house printing facility, it can be printed by one of the bid winners. The description of the printing project must be presented to the Print Shop manager, who will determine if the printing can or cannot be done in-house. If it is determined that it cannot be produced in-house, you will be free to choose one of the bid-winning printers. This procedure applies to ALL Osceola District Schools printing.

    Printing for others
    The Print Shop may also produce printing and copying for outside organizations, as long as the organization and materials are considered non-profit and non-political. It is preferable that such requests come through District employees. We do not "need the business" and do not want to compete with commercial printers. To that end, we may only produce occasional orders for your organization. Repeating orders for documents such as weekly newsletters would be considered inappropriate to produce at our facility.

    Walk-in (subject to personnel availability)...

    Walk-in services
    Some of our equipment may be used by you on a "walk-in" basis. Equipment is only available when the Print Shop is not using it. Call ahead for availability. You must ask permission from a Print Shop employee before you use any equipment. You must receive instructions on how to use the equipment before your first use. Materials produced must adhere to District limitations on copyright, non-profit and non-political usage.
    If you are charging the materials you use to your facility, you must place a Print Shop Pro order before arriving or while at the Print Shop. You will need the budget numbers in order to complete the Print Shop Pro order.


    Copier (color - Print Shop personnel only)

    We have a color copier/printer that can produce full-color copies on cardstocks and sizes up to 11x17". Convert your files to PDF before bringing them in for print. Our Operators must use the equipment for you. Please have your files ready to print to minimize setup time.

    Binding Machines

    We have machines for Tape Binding, GBC Comb and Plastic Coil Binding

    What else...
    These are additional machines we use to produce your printing.

    The Print Shop has four offset presses, run by two operators. Work done on these machines include long runs, spot color (usually one color or one color and black ink), carbonless forms and envelopes.

    Our presses use polyester printing plates. We create those plates on a platemaker that images directly from computer files.

    Copiers (black)
    We have several copiers. In addition to standard copying and stapling, they have the capability to automatically print, then create a folded booklet, stapled on the spine.

    We can laminate standard size sheets that we print or you provide.
    Blank or printed 8-1/2 x 11", 8-1/2 x 14" or 11x17" sizes only.
    Sorry, we will not be able to laminate sheets with anything pasted onto them. Note that we cannot fold, cut or punch laminated items. Use the All Other Printing category in Print Shop Pro to include lamination in your order. The checkbox for lamination is in the binding section.

    We have padding "presses" for creating pads.

    We have a computerized, hydraulic paper cutter for cutting printing down to its' finished size.

    Paper drills
    We have single and three-hole paper drills.

    We use a heat-based shrink-wrap machine to bundle finished work.

    Counter scale
    We have a machine that counts out finished printing by weighing it.

    We can do half, letter and double-parallel folds.


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