• What we charge for
    The Print Shop charges only for materials used, ink (per copy) and copier "meter clicks". We do not charge District schools or departments for labor.

    What is your cost?
    Internal departments and schools are charged back cost plus 4% on most materials. Others are charged an additional 13%. Total costs may vary depending on what machine the order is produced on.

    Pricing sheet (See Below)
    It includes all of the common items we charge for. Note that ink and copies are charged separately from paper. It may be difficult for you to determine what items will be used for your order, and in what quantities. This sheet is provided only as a reference. Contact the Print Shop with exact specifications for your order, in order to receive an accurate estimate or place an order in Print Shop Pro and click on "Request Estimate" at the final step.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.