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ClassLink - Tips and Tutorials

ClassLink is your gateway to digital resources and learning. Make sure that you know how to access and sign in to ClassLink from home. 

Signing in to ClassLink
Students sign in to ClassLink using the same Username and Password they use to log on to their laptop: 
Username: Student ID #
Password: Assigned by school

Accessing ClassLink from Home
Option 1: If you are using an Osceola provided student device, your first option for accessing ClassLink is the Edge ClassLink desktop shortcut. This will take you directly to the SDOC ClassLink page.  

ClassLink Icon

Option 2: Your second option for accessing ClassLink is to use the ClassLink shortcut found on the Osceola District Webpage. The button for ClassLink is found in the green banner at the top of the main district page, or as part of the blue header at the top of any district page. 

Main Website Banner: ClassLink Button
District Website Banner


Osceola Webpage Header: ClassLink Button
District Website Header

ClassLink Troubleshooting Tips

If you any trouble accessing ClassLink or the programs that it connects you to, please start here. These two videos will walk you through our first steps in getting ClassLink to work properly. 

Note: This video references the Google Chrome browser, but all information also applies to Microsoft Edge.  

ClassLink Password Update

If you change your SDOC password, you may need to update your password in ClassLink. This video will show you how. 

ClassLink on Apple or Android Devices

ClassLink Info - Tips for Accessing ClassLink at Home and on Apple and Android Devices.