• What is the purpose of Career and Technical Education (CTE)?

    CTE provides students with technical training to prepare for a successful career.  The structured training each student receives gives him or her the tools needed to be successful in a job after high school and/or further his or her postsecondary education, whether technical school, two-year college, or four-year college.  Each student is encouraged to explore various areas of study to develop the essential skills to feel competent in entering today's competitive job market.

     Is CTE only for students who are not college-bound?

    No. Career and Technical Education is essential for all students, providing them with a foundation of academic knowledge and essential technical skills. CTE courses and programs introduce students to career options and assist them in making informed educational choices.

    Where is CTE offered?

    CTE courses and programs are offered in all middle and high schools in Osceola County. 

    Is there any proof that CTE works?


    Students who take two or more CTE courses are less likely to drop out of high school.

    High school CTE programs prepare students for the many high-paying, high-tech jobs requiring less than a bachelor's degree.

    Students concentrating in CTE have test scores equal to those who are "college prep" students.