Areas of Study Overview

  • Areas of Study are designed to help students (and their parents) make wise education choices.  It is based on the belief that the curricula of the 21st century should combine rigorous academics with relevant career education.  When schools integrate academic and technical education, students can see the "usefulness" of what they are learning.  The system also facilitates a seamless transition from secondary to postsecondary opportunities.

    Osceola County's Career and Technical Areas of Study have been categorized according to the 16 Career Clusters to prepare today's students for tomorrow's technological advances and global competition that have transformed the nature of work.

Career Clusters

  • Below are the 16 Career Clusters with an overview of each.  If you answer yes to two or more of the questions in a particular cluster, you might be interested in considering a career in that particular area of study.  Select a cluster icon below to view more information related to the Career Cluster.

    For a printable spreadsheet showing

    Areas of Study by School

Career Cluster and Details

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  • Architecture

  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

  • Business Management & Administration

  • Education & Training

  • Finance

  • Government & Public Administration

  • Health Science

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Human Services

  • Information Technology

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics